Why Are ATM Machines a Necessity For Marijuana Dispensaries and Shops?

The marijuana industry is currently on the rise as more dispensaries and shops are opening in different parts of the United States, but it was once considered a taboo subject. Merchants selling different strains of marijuana often have a difficult time finding a company to work with them that allows them to accept credit card payments from their customers who are looking to make purchases. As a result, these marijuana dispensaries and shops can lose out on business if some of their customers only carry their debit cards and credit cards with them instead of carrying cash around. Because there are often tons of different obstacles standing in the way of a marijuana shop being able to accept credit card payments, it simply makes the most sense to have an ATM machine inside the building, and ATM for your cannabis dispensary.

The Convenience of the ATM

Many people no longer carry cash around with them in their wallets or purses because it is a lot more convenient and safer for them to carry their debit cards and credit cards. If they misplaced these cards, they could call the banks and credit card companies, report the cards as lost or stolen, and still have their money at the end of the day. Carrying cash is much riskier because if the cash is accidentally lost or stolen, there is no replacing it. Aside from preferring to pay with a debit or credit card to avoid the risk of carrying cash and losing it, many people prefer the convenience of swiping their cards to pay for different items because it is simple and quick.

Rather than causing a major inconvenience for those who do not carry cash around with them, it makes sense for the marijuana dispensaries and shops to simply invest in ATM machines. Instead of turning a customer down because they do not have cash, the customer can simply head over to the ATM inside of the store and easily pull out the amount of money that he or she needs to pay for the purchases. It is a win-win situation for both the merchant and the customer because the merchant makes the sale and the customer gets to buy the items he or she wants without dealing with an inconvenience.

As the number of marijuana dispensaries and shops continues to rise in the United States, many of these merchants are going to want to invest in ATM machines. While the dispensaries may struggle to accept credit and debit payments at the moment, they can always have their customers deduct cash from their accounts using the convenient and safe ATM machine.

Should You Consider LASIK Surgery?

If you are someone that is simply tired of wearing prescription contacts and/or eyeglasses, you are likely going to at least consider the option of getting LASIK surgery. The main reason being that LASIK has such a good track record and a lot of people end up satisfied with it’s intended results. With that being said, that doesn’t mean LASIK is for everyone and it does pose some risk. In this article, we will be going over some of the factors to consider whether or not you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

Are You a Good Candidate?

1. Astigmatism.

If you are someone that experiences overall blurry vision, you are likely going to be someone that might want to consider getting the surgery.

2. Farsightedness.

If you are someone that can see far objects clearly but nearby objects are typically blurry, you are likely going to be a good candidate for this kind of surgery.

3. Nearsightedness.

If you are someone that can see nearby objects clear as day, but distant objects are very blurry, you are likely going to be a good candidate.

A good outcome of the surgery is going to ultimately depend on individual circumstances and a careful evaluation of your eyes prior to the actual surgery. There are a lot of different things that can cause complications and/or insufficient results. Below, we will be going over some of the risks associated with the surgery.

Risks Associated With LASIK:

1. Vision Loss.

One of the most rare situations could result in complete vision loss. This is a rare situation and it is typically the most major complication.

2. Dry Eyes.

Another problem that some people have noticed after getting the surgery is dry eyes. Because it causes a temporary decrease in tear production, you may experience dry eyes during the process.

Overall, LASIK is generally a great option for people that want to better their vision and decrease the reliance on contact lenses and/or corrective prescription glasses. While there are some associated risks, this particular surgery has had great results for millions of people. If you are someone that feels as though you would be a good candidate for this kind of surgery, simply talk to your eye care doctor and they should be able to guide you in the right direction. As long as your eyes are examined beforehand thoroughly, you should be able to properly decrease any chance of complications.

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